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Night Surf

I’ve been out of commission the past two months with a back injury…guess I could have still blogged ^_^

Nature is pretty amazing.  The bioluminesence in this plankton is similar to that in fireflies.

Wednesday helper

Definitely needed this today.

New beginnings

There is something about blogging I’m not good at.  I think it has to do with posting for people on the internet that sometimes I find uncomfortable.  At this point in time I realize I need more motivation in my own life .

I recently turned 28 and I’m making decisions.  My dad (who is 68) told me recently to make sure I live in a way that I don’t have regrets.  I’m taking that to heart.  So far this year I’ve gone to Hawaii, been surfing a lot more, and climbing a bunch.  I definitely have a lot more goals for the next few years including more outdoor activity (really step up my game and push myself), a lot more photography, more travel, and more learning.

I’m also spending a lot of time trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.  That’s probably the hard part. That’s something I’m afraid I’ll have regrets about…so I realize that even if I fail at doing something I love – I did something I love.  So there’s that.

That said, here’s to new beginnings and new decisions.  It is my goal to post on here at least once a week for now, maybe step up my game once I figure things out.


Dark Side of the Lens

Another surfing video.  This one though has some amazing filming, and it really speaks to why I love surfing.

NE Surfer

Over the past few years I’ve gotten heavily into surfing.  I kind of take pride in being a New England surfer.  Especially this year as I am looking to get a winter suit so I can surf all year long.

Three years of surfing and I would put myself solidly into the novice/beginner category. It’s definitely the hardest sport I’ve ever partaken in.

Here’s some clips of some surf/climbing vids I’ve been into lately.  I hope to be posting some surf pics soon.

This last one is my friend Jeff and his SUP.


I’ve been really enjoying the new Sufjan record All Delighted People EP.  I have tickets for him in November.  I’m excited since it will be the first time since he’s really broken away from Bro. Danielson that I’ll have seen him (read: Not wearing a huge tree).

He also just announced a new full length record for this fall. The Age of Adz.  Here is the new single, “I Walked”…it’s pretty sick.

summer songs

Every summer the conversations arise over what songs are the best for summer.  Good morning Goodnight just posted a remix of the gorillaz song 19-2000.  I forgot how much I love it.  You can listen to it here.  (sorry I couldn’t figure out how to embed it here)


I’ve been trying to make a 5×5 for a week or two now.  or some reason I’ve really found the length of each clip (5seconds) difficult to work with.  Last night I filmed and edited this…

film. video. create.

I’m ready to go out and try and finally try to make some videos.  The more and more time I spend on vimeo the more I regret not being a film major.  I’m going to mess around with my DLSR and shooting some stuff today, and try to make a little trial video.  I have a lot to learn.  Here is some stuff that is inspiring me as I go out today. Both very different, but both beautiful.


I’ve only spent a little time in CA (up in Sierras) and really enjoyed it. California is a place is an amazing blog/video blog about people and places in CA.  The production value is really amazing.  I recommend watching Scrapertown and Cannonball first (but I do really like bikes and skateboards.)